[MARMAM] SOMEMMA meeting May 12-15, Querétaro City, Mexico

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Tue Apr 22 11:12:49 PDT 2014

Dear colleagues,.
This is a short reminder that the Mexican Society for Marine Mammals
(SOMEMMA) is holding their *XXXIV International Meeting for the Study of
Marine Mammals *next month in Querétaro City, May 12 - 15.

The meeting´s theme this year is "*Multidisciplinarity as a strategy to
solve marine mammal conservation conundrums*".

The keynote speakers are Frances Gulland, Mariano Sironi, Laura
Martinez-Levasseur and Ileana Espejel.

For the first time, the organizers have arranged for simultaneous
Spanish-English translation, so even if your Spanish is rusty (or
non-existent), please attend.

Travel logistics are surprisingly easy and Querétaro is a beautiful city.  You
can fly directly to the Querétaro Airport from Houston, Dallas, Monterrey,
Tijuana or  Cancun.  Or fly to México City and take land transportation
between the Mexico City aiport and the city of Querétaro (about 3 hours).
Or fly to Aguascalientes (2.5 hours away) from Dallas, Los Angeles,
Houston, or Tijuana

For more information, please follow this link:


Best regards,
Sally Mizroch
North American representative to the SOMEMMA board.
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