[MARMAM] Early Registration Reminder - International Marine Conservation Congress

A. Mel Cosentino orcinus.orca.1758 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 10:04:04 PDT 2014

Dear Marmamers

here is a reminder that the early registration rate for the International
Marine Conservation Congress ends on April 22nd – this coming Tuesday

There is a substantial amount of specific marine mammal conservation
content in the conference including sessions un underwater noise impacts,
several sections on whalewatching, marine mammal ethics/welfare plus
sessions on marine protected areas, fisheries impacts, pollution,
international treaties, marine climate change, presentations on cetaceans,
sirenians, pinnipeds, otters and many, many more topics.

All presenters must register by that date or risk having their presentation
removed from the program. The price increase between early and standard
registration rates is an extra $60, which would get you a pretty decent
bottle of single malt whisky in Scotland, or all 4 seasons of Downton Abbey
on DVD, so for the sake of your career and your taste buds register now !


3rd International Marine Conservation Congress (14-18 August 2014, Glasgow,
UK) http://www.conbio.org/mini-sites/imcc-2014<http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.conbio.org%2Fmini-sites%2Fimcc-2014&h=tAQHJBULm&enc=AZOY4PixaV-PDqZfYCJDPMcaoreKZ5sAeU9dz_hTK0_D7PaqW85JmPIv7eJKoVf5yJx6dnRb_o9kzSddvKZbhHL_cWW9_Jrr-URkokI8xC6SpkzEefI2wvWMu4sK6bFm84ZsW6ByeZbQ0z1BuxYmG68F&s=1>
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