[MARMAM] Anomalous coloration in an Atlantic spotted dolphin

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Dear Colleagues,

The following note has been published:


Lodi, L. & Borobia, M. 2013. Anomalous coloration in an Atlantic spotted
dolphin (Stenella frontalis) from southeastern Brazil. Brazilian Journal of
Aquatic Science and Technology. 17(2): NB1-3.


Abstract: This note report the first published account of an atypical
coloration condition known as pied or piebald for the Atlantic spotted
dolphin (Stenella frontalis). The opportunistic sighting was made at close
range between Cabo de São Tomé and Cabo Frio, Campos Basin, southeastern
Brazil, approximately 60 km offshore. It is important to publish
observations about pigmentation disorders so that a proper assessment and
further insights into the ecological and physiological implications of this
condition in cetaceans can be evaluated in the future.


Those interested in receiving a PDF copy please contact me at:
lilianelodi at gmail.com

Best regards,

Liliane Lodi

Instituto Aqualie

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