[MARMAM] Any suggestion for removing a plastic hoop stuck on a Short-beaked Common dolphin in the Mediterranean coast of Israel

Oz Goffman goffman at research.haifa.ac.il
Wed Apr 9 21:16:40 PDT 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shalom All,

Along the Mediterranean coast of Israel a Short-beaked Common dolphin (Delphinus delphis)  in a pod of 35 individual. On that dolphin there is a plastic hoop stuck on him - attached a photo. I was wandering whether it can be removed without capture? Or there are other ways.

 Any suggestion would be appreciated

Thank you in advance.


Dr. Oz Goffman

Photo credit: Ori ferro -  Israel Nature and Parks Authority - Nitzanim Region Ranger

Oz Goffman,PhD
Head dolphin project of Haifa University -IMMRAC
The Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies
Cell Phone: 972 50 6241663
Home Tel 972 4 8730768
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Home address: 57 Hakongres St. 
Kiryat Haim, 26222 Israel
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