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Vyacheslav Ryabov ryaboff at ukr.net
Wed Apr 9 02:12:11 PDT 2014

Dear collegues,

I would like to draw attention to my recently published paper: 

V. A. Ryabov, "Acoustic Signals and Echolocation System of the Dolphin"

 If you would like a pdf copy of the paper, please send an 
e-mail to:  ryaboff at ukr.net

 Abstract. Two-channel recording of acoustic signals from two quasi-stationary 
dolphins has previously suggested that the dolphin echolocation system is more
complex than discussed earlier, and includes at least four sonars. In the present
work, two-channel recording of signals, analysis and interpretation of their
functions were continued in terms of physical acoustics, signal theory and 
echolocation. The results indicate that the echolocation system of dolphins
involves four organs to produce probing signals of five different types, which
implies different mechanisms of their processing by the dolphin hearing;
its operation corresponds to as many as six varieties of sonar systems. 
The results are of importance for studying the echolocation system of Odontoceti 
and for improving sonars and radars.
Keywords: dolphin, sonar, echo, signal, beam pattern, burst pulse, radar

DOI: 10.1134/S0006350914010199 
ISSN 0006-3509, Biophysics, 2014, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 135–147. © Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2014.
Original Russian Text © V.A. Ryabov, 2014, published in Biofizika, 2014, Vol. 59, No. 1, pp. 169–184.

Best regards,
Dr. Vyacheslav A. Ryabov
Karadag Natural Reserve

Kurortnoe, Feodosia, 98188, Crimea         
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