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Dear Marmam Readers,

We pleased to announce the publication of a new book published by Cambridge University Press entitled:

Whaling-watching, sustainable tourism and ecological management. Cambridge University Press. 2014. Editors: J.E.S. Higham, L. Bejder and R. Williams. 400pp.

The book includes contributions from 50 international scientists and is composed of 25 chapters across four themes: The historical and contemporary contexts, Human dimensions of whale watching, Ecological dimensions of whale watching; and Sustainable Management: Insights and issues.

Below, we provide the table of contents of the book:

Chapter 1. Tourism, cetaceans and sustainable development: Moving beyond the binary debates (James Higham, Lars Bejder & Rob Williams)

Part I. The historical and contemporary contexts
Chapter 2. Threats facing cetacean populations: The global context (Rob Williams)
Chapter 3. From adoration to exploitation: The historical and contemporary contexts of human-cetacean interactions (Simon Allen)
Chapter 4. Human attitudes and values: Tradition versus transformation (Peter Corkeron)
Chapter 5. The whale watch industry: historical development (Hoyt & Parsons)
Chapter 6. The International Whaling Commission (IWC) and whale watching (Carlson, Rose, Kato & Williams)

Part II. Human dimensions of whale watching
Chapter 7. A history of whaling and whale watching in Icelandic (Rasmussen)
Chapter 8. The complexities of whaling and whale-watching in Icelandic (Tommy Anderson, Beatrice Wende and Susanna Gothall)
Chapter 9. Green messengers or nature's spectacle: Understanding visitor experiences of wild cetacean tours (Zeppel and Muloin)
Chapter 10. Whale Watching: An Effective Education Programme is no fluke (Johnson & Bierman-McGinnis).
Chapter 11. What's In It For The Whales? Exploring the potential contribution of environmental interpretation to conservation (Orams, Forestell & Spring)
Chapter 12. Integrating traditional ecological knowledge and community engagement in marine mammal protected areas (McIntosh, Maly and Kittinger).

Part III. Ecological dimensions of whale watching
Chapter 13. Understanding the ecological effects of whalewatching on cetaceans (Christiansen & Lusseau)
Chapter 14. Whale watching and behavioural ecology (Constantine)
Chapter 15. Energetic linkages between short-term and long-term effects of whalewatching disturbance on cetaceans: An example drawn from northeast Pacific resident killer whales (Bain, Williams & Trites).
Chapter 16. Ecological constraints and the propensity for population consequences of whalewatching disturbances (David Lusseau)
Chapter 17. The use of area-time closures as a tool to manage cetacean-watch tourism (Tyne, Loneragen & Bejder)

Part IV. Sustainable Management: Insights and issues
Chapter 18. The socioeconomic, educational and legal aspects of whalewatching: a Scottish case study (Parsons)
Chapter 19. Vigilance, resilience and failures of science and management: Spinner dolphins and tourism in Hawai'i (Dave Johnstone)
Chapter 20. A multi-agent model to simulate whale-watching tours: The case of the St. Lawrence Estuary in Quebec, Canada (Chion et al., Sk. Morshed Anwara, Cédric A. Jeanneretb, Lael Parrottb and Danielle J. Marceau).
Chapter 21. Cetacean-watching in developing countries: A case study from the Mekong River (Isabel Beasley, Lars Bejder and Helene March)
Chapter 22. Whale-watching and community development: The Kaikoura (New Zealand) story (David Simmons)
Chapter 23. Management of Dusky dolphin tourism at Kaikoura (New Zealand) (David Lundquist)
Chapter 24. Save the whales Part II: A new science advocacy communication framework (Wiebke Finkler)

Chapter 25. Time to rethink: Fostering the nascent 'sustainability paradigm' (James Higham, Lars Bejder and Rob Williams).

For further information, including purchase details, please visit the following link:

Kind regards,

James Higham, Lars Bejder and Rob Williams.

Lars Bejder, Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit

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