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Can you please post the following.

I am pleased to announce registration for the Assessing Bycatch in
Fisheries in the Pacific Islands Region. At the upcoming SMM Biology of
Marine Mammals is now open. The full day workshop will be held on Saturday
7th December Dunedin, NZ.

Fisheries bycatch is the principal threat to many marine mammals. In some
cases, bycatch reduction devices have been shown to mitigate the bycatch of
non-target species, but the scale of the problem outpaces progress in
finding solutions. In particular, bycatch in coastal gillnet fisheries is
one of the most immediate threats facing many marine mammal species
worldwide. While most of the research and development of bycatch reduction
methods is focused in developed nations and commercial fisheries, some of
the most severe coastal gillnet bycatch challenges are likely to be found
in artisanal gillnet fisheries in developing nations and small island
developing nations. Efforts to address challenges in these coastal regions
are stymied by a lack of information on the extent of the bycatch problem
and the status of the species affected, as well as by social, cultural and
economic factors that can cause artisanal fishing communities to resist
implementing mitigation measures. This workshop will begin together
scientists currently working on marine mammal or related bycatch issues in
the Pacific Islands region (including the larger central, western, and
south Pacific). Workshop participants will (1) summarize what is known
about marine mammal bycatch in their region; (2) identify key informational
needs and initial actions required to reduce marine mammal bycatch in
fisheries, (2) identify regions, fisheries, or situations that are
unsustainable; (3) identify regions, fisheries, or situations that are ripe
for testing mitigation strategies or develop pilot programs to assess and
mitigate marine mammal bycatch.

If you are interested in presenting at the workshop, please contact me.  I
will provide you with the format for oral presentations and written
submissions.  A report of this workshop will be produced based on the
written reports from each participant. The deadline for submission of
papers is November 11, 2013.

There is a workshop fee to cover costs of space, AV equipment, lunch and
coffee breaks.

To register go to:

Please contact me with any questions.

Nina M. Young
Office of International Affairs
National Marine Fisheries Service
1315 East West Highway, # 10631
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Email: Nina.Young at noaa.gov <luis.leandro at noaa.gov>
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