[MARMAM] Foetus/neonate of Balaena and Megaptera skull

Cheng-Hsiu Tsai cheng-hsiu.tsai at otago.ac.nz
Thu Sep 5 14:22:04 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

I am interested to examine the skeletal specimens of foetal/neonatal Balaena mysticetus (Bowhead) and Megaptera novaeangliae (Humpback), particularly skull and mandible, even not entirely ossified, that would be great.

I would much appreciate if anyone holds this sort of material for me to study.

Best regards

Cheng-Hsiu Tsai (蔡政修)
PhD student, Department of Geology, University of Otago
360 Leith Walk (Courier) or PO Box 56 (Postal)
Dunedin 9054, New Zealand
Email: cheng-hsiu.tsai at otago.ac.nz<mailto:cheng-hsiu.tsai at otago.ac.nz>; craniata at gmail.com<mailto:craniata at gmail.com>

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