[MARMAM] New book on pinnipeds "Fur Seals and Sea Lions"

Goldsworthy, Simon (PIRSA-SARDI) Simon.Goldsworthy at sa.gov.au
Mon Sep 2 18:58:10 PDT 2013

We are pleased to announce the publishing of a new book:

Fur Seals and Sea Lions

by Roger Kirkwood and Simon Goldsworthy

This book outlines the comparative evolutionary ecology, biology, life-history, behaviour, conservation status, threats, history of human interactions and latest research on the three species of otariids that live in the waters of southern Australia: the Australian fur seal, New Zealand fur seal and Australian sea lion. It also includes brief descriptions of Antarctic and Subantarctic seals that occupy the Antarctic pack-ice and remote Australian
territories of Macquarie Island and Heard Island.

The book summarises the enormous amount of new scientific information from studies in the past 10 years, and provides full descriptions of the species and their biology. This book is presented in an easy to read format for general public, students and researchers who want to learn a bit more about seals. It includes 17 pages of colour photos plus many b & w images, graphs and figures. A must for all those interested in marine wildlife.

Fur Seals and Sea Lions can be ordered online: http://www.publish.csiro.au/pid/6491.htm

Cheers, Roger Kirkwood and Simon Goldsworthy

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