[MARMAM] SMM Workshop Announcement - Mass Stranding Response 2: Rescue and Research (PLUS Marine Mammal Medic Training Opportunity)

Emma Betty emma.betty at aut.ac.nz
Thu Oct 31 17:33:55 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

The Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand (Auckland University of Technology) and the Coastal-Marine Research Group (Massey University) are pleased to announce that they will sponsor the first 20 student member placements for the workshop "Mass Stranding Response 2: Rescue and Research" which will take place on Sunday 8 December, 9am-5pm -  immediately prior to the SMM biennial. The first 20 students members to register will be able to do so at a reduced rate of US$10. Please contact emma.betty at aut.ac.nz<mailto:emma.betty at aut.ac.nz> for further details.

Workshop description

Mass strandings of cetaceans occur in many locations around the world, with varying frequency and levels of response. Response goals, protocols and outcomes are often dependent upon the species involved, existing stranding response infrastructure, and resources available.

At the 2011 SMM biennial conference in Tampa, the 'Cetacean Mass Stranding Response' workshop provided a forum for mass stranding responders and researchers to share information that was otherwise available only anecdotally. An important outcome of this workshop was establishing relationships between mass stranding responders around the world to facilitate on-going data sharing and support. It was agreed among participants that the SMM conference presents a great opportunity for mass stranding responders and researchers to network and disseminate current protocols/ research findings on a biennial basis. This workshop is therefore intended as a follow-on session from the 2011 workshop.

As a full day workshop, the morning will be dedicated to selected speakers presenting on their agencies and/or groups response protocols and outcomes, and mass-stranding-related research. In the afternoon, we will switch to a discussion format to allow greater networking and information sharing between attendees. Outputs of the workshop will be to: 1) continue to build relationships between mass stranding responders around the world to facilitate on-going data sharing and support, 2) compile existing response protocols and related results (for those willing to share) into a centralised reference repository and 3) potentially develop working groups to address the more pressing or complex problems faced by mass stranding responders.

Registration is now open on the conference website: http://www.marinemammalscience.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=591&Itemid=336&workshop=49

Standard registration fee (in US dollars): $50 student members, $100 members, $100 student non-members, $150 non-members. Fees cover the cost of space, audio-visual equipment, catering (lunch and coffee breaks), etc. and will be collected directly by the workshop organisers.

For further information, please contact Emma Betty emma.betty at aut.ac.nz<mailto:emma.betty at aut.ac.nz>

On behalf of workshop organisers:  Emma Betty (Auckland University of Technology), Karen Stockin (Massey University), Daren Grover (Project Jonah) and Laura Boren (Department of Conservation)

Marine Mammal Medic Training Opportunity!!!

On Saturday 14 December, Project Jonah will be running a public session of their Marine Mammal Medic training in Dunedin. All conference participants are welcome to attend, to learn stranded whale and dolphin first aid skills and use their floatation equipment. The course has been developed over 25 years and the skills developed have been used internationally. Places are selling fast so book your place today for $120 here: http://www.projectjonah.org.nz/Get+Involved/Become+a+Marine+Mammal+Medic.html

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