[MARMAM] Orca Project Sri Lanka, Photo ID and Record Keeping of Killer Whales off Sri Lanka

Georgie Gemmell georgina.wildoceans at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 21:09:45 PDT 2013

Dear Marmamers

Orca Project Sri Lanka (OPSL) is the first citizen-science project centred
on studying orcas (Killer Whales) sighted off Sri Lanka. The initiative
collects and compiles orca sightings records and publishes them in a
public-access log that is viewable online in a downloadable PDF as well as
the project social media pages.

In addition to the sightings log, there is also a photo ID component that
aims to identify and catalogue the orcas seen off Sri Lanka from images
submitted by the public.

So far there have been 9 individual orcas identified and catalogued, these
consist of 4 males, 1 likely male, 2 females and 2 possible female or
juveniles; with images being submitted from all 3 locations in the
whale-watching triangle.

OPSL has already produced some interesting results in the form of ID
matches for 3 individuals, including the first confirmation of some orca
moving all around the island, being sighted in Kalpitya (North west),
Mirissa (south) and Trincomalee (North east).

The orcas are thought to be of a mammal eating eco-type with documented
predation and attempted predation towards Sperm and Blue whale.

The catalogue is included in the official *project information PDF* that
can be viewed and downloaded from this link.


The public-access sightings log can be viewed and downloaded in PDF form


With the support of the public, sharing of images and information, together
we can lean more about these enigmatic predators and help raise awareness
of their presence in our waters, laying a foundation for further studies in
the future.

The initiative functions as a library of information, collecting and
compiling information that can be accessed by anyone, whether for general
interest or to supplement further studies.

We would be very interested to hear from other researchers who may have
catalogued orcas from the surrounding nations.

If you would like to know more about Orca Project Sri Lanka, please contact
the project administrator at georgina.wildoceans at gmail.com or reply to this

All the best
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