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Amounts listed are suggested minimum donations.  All funds raised go to ¡VivaVaquita! (a collaboration of five 501(3)c non-profits), forresearch and conservation of the World’s most endangered marine mammal species,the vaquita (Phocoena sinus).  Go to www.vivavaquita.orgfor more details.  Requst full list ofbooks available from Tom Jefferson sclymene at aol.com.
Preference will be given to domestic USA orders.  Donations can be made in cash or with checksin US dollars made payable to “Thomas Jefferson”.  Email Tom Jefferson <sclymene at aol.com> thelist of items you want and your postal address for the items to be sent to(please type your name and address as they would appear on a mailinglabel).  Shipping within the USA is included.  Orders will only be sent out after donationand ‘mailing label’ are received.  
Brown, S.G., Brownell, R.L., Erickson, A.W., Hofman, R.J.,Llano, G.A. & Mackintosh, N.A. (1974) Antarctic Mammals. Antarctic MapFolio Series, 18, pp. + oversize plates. $22.
FAO. 1978. Mammals in the seas: Volume I. Report of the FAOAdvisory Committee on Marine Resurces Research. $25.
FAO. 1979. Mammals in the seas: Volume II. Pinniped speciessummaries and report on sirenians.  $25.
FAO. 1981. Mammals in the seas: Volume III. General papersand large cetaceans.  $35.
FAO. 1982. Mammals in the seas: Volume IV. Small cetaceans,seals, sirenians and otters.  $35.
Fay, F. H. 1982. Ecology and biology of the Pacific walrus, Odobenus rosmarus divergens Illiger.North American Fauna 74: 279 pp.  $18.
Fraser, F.C. (1945) On a specimen of the southernbottlenosed whale, Hyperoodon planifrons.Discovery Reports, 23, 19-36.  $14.
Gaskin, D. E. 1972. Whales, Dolphins, and Seals, WithSpecial Reference to the New Zealand Region. Heineman Educational Books.  $28.
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Hoelzel, A.R. (1991) Genetic ecology of whales and dolphins.In: Reports of the International Whaling Commission, p. 311 pp. Reports of theInternational Whaling Commission.  $18.
International Whaling Commission (1964-1998) Annual Reportof the International Whaling Commission. Complete, 35-year run.  Report of the International WhalingCommission, 14-48.  $600.
Jonsgard, A. (1966) Biology of the North Atlantic fin whale Balaenoptera physalus (L.): taxonomy,distribution, migration and food. Hvalradets Skrifter, 49, 62 pp.  $22.
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Rice, D.W. & Wolman, A.A. (1971) The life history andecology of the gray whale (Eschrichtiusrobustus). American Society of Mammalogists, Special Publication, 3, 142 pp.(paperback).  $10.
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Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute.  (1948-1986). Vols. 1-37, 37-year run, complete, except for missing Vol. 13.  Most bound in handsome blue buckrambindings.  Very Rare.  $850.
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Twiss, J.R. & Reeves, R.R. (1999) Conservation and Managementof Marine Mammals. 471 pp. Smithsonian Institution Press.  $28.
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Würsig, B., Jefferson, T.A. & Schmidly, D.J. (2000) TheMarine Mammals of the Gulf of Mexico, Texas A&M University Press.  $12.
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