[MARMAM] World Cetacean Alliance Conference, 6-7 November 2013

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Tue Oct 22 13:13:24 PDT 2013

The World Cetacean Alliance's first conference will convene in 
Gloucester. Massachusetts, USA, on 6-7 November 2013. The Alliance's 
purpose is to work collectively to protect whales, dolphins, and 
porpoises and their habitats. For further information please visit the 
conference website at: http://www.planetwhale.com/conferences-2013-home

World Cetacean Alliance Agenda

/Wednesday 6th November
DAY 1 Funding, Science, and Governance


  9:00 -- 10:00. Refreshments.
  9:30 -- 10:00. Welcome and thanks.
     Speakers Dylan Walker (WCA Secretariat), Bill Rossiter (co-hosts 
Cetacean Society International) and Keith Takaoka (Conference supporter 
BiLLe Fund Ltd) introduce the conference
10:00 -- 10:30. WORKSHOP ACTIVITY: How much do we really know about 
10:30 -- 11:00. PRESENTATION. WCA and a crowdsourcing future for whales 
and dolphins.
     Speaker Dylan Walker, WCA Secretariat
11:00 -- 11:30. Refreshments break


11:30 -- 12:00. PRESENTATION: Putting cetaceans on the map. Setting our 
global and regional priorities.
     Speaker Thorsten Lisker, WCA individual partner
12:00 -- 13:00. WORKSHOP ACTIVITY. Putting cetaceans on the map -- 
delivering a programme for global change
13:00 -- 14:00. Lunch

14:00 -- 14:45. PRESENTATION: Hitting the jackpot! How the BiLLe Fund 
Ltd plans to provide vital funding support for the WCA and its partners 
through a unique donations-based strategy. Q& A to follow.
     Speaker Keith Takaoka, BiLLe Fund Ltd
14:45 -- 15:15. PRESENTATION: WhaleFest -- global platform of the World 
Cetacean Alliance and fund-raising opportunity. Q&A to follow.
     Speaker Ian Rowlands, WhaleFest co-founder


15:15 -- 15:45. PRESENTATION. Developing the roles, responsibilities, 
and workings of a global partnership. Advice from BirdLife International 
-- the world's largest partnership of conservation organizations.
     Speaker John Fanshawe, BirdLife International
15:45 -- 16:00. Refreshments break
16:00 -- 16:15. PRESENTATION. Current structure of the WCA and intro to 
the workshop.
     Speaker Dylan Walker, WCA Secretariat
16:15 -- 17:30. Discussion and workshop activities to determine the 
working framework for the World Cetacean Alliance.
17:30. Close

Evening cinema outing -- BlackFish Movie plus Q&A

19:30pm -- 21:30. See the movie BlackFish at the Gloucester Community 
Cinema followed by a Q&A with experts and contributors to the film, Dr 
Ingrid N. Visser and Dr Naomi Rose

  Thursday 7th November
   DAY 2 Campaigns

  SESSION 1: Issues from around the world
9:00 -- 9:30 Refreshments
9:30 -- 10:45. Short talks and discussions on the issues that matter to you
         This series of short presentations and discussions will 
highlight the campaigns of the partners and other delegates, followed by 
a discussion on how the WCA and the partnership intends to provide 
support for these and other campaigns.
     Speakers will include:
·         Patricia Sullivan talks cetaceans in the Middle East. 
Endangered humpback whales plus captivity
·         Michael Fishbach (The Great Whale Conservancy) talks blue 
whales and ship strikes in the USA
·         Sami Mhenni (Houtiyat) talks interactions between dolphins and 
purse seine nets and the implementation of dolphin watching in Tunisia
·         Dr Ingrid N. Visser (Orca Research Trust) talks about the 
Trust's work in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Antarctica, plus 
Punta Norte Orca Research's work in Argentina
·         Floppy (Jo) Halliday (Whale Rescue) talks about the work of 
the organization in New Zealand

More short talks will be announced shortly...

10.45 -- 11.15. Drinks refreshments
11.15 -- 11.45. PRESENTATION AND MAJOR CAMPAIGN FOCUS: Maui's dolphin 
campaign update
     Speaker Barbara Maas, Nabu International (via video recording)

SESSION 2: Free the Captive Orca -- major campaign focus

11:45 -- 12:00. PRESENTATON: Introducing the captive orca issue and activity
     Speaker Dylan Walker, WCA Secretariat
12:00 -- 13:15. KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: David Kirby, author of 'Death at 
SeaWorld', talks about the lives of captive killer whales. Includes Q&A
     Speaker David Kirby, author
13:15 -- 14:00. Lunch and book signing by David Kirby
14:00 -- 14:05. Activity review
14:05 -- 15:10. PRESENTATION: Freeing Morgan and the WCA orca campaign, 
including current progress, anticipated impact, and support required. 
Includes Q&A
     Speaker Dr Ingrid N. Visser, Orca Research Trust
15:10 -- 15:15. Activity review
15:15 -- 15:30. Refreshment break
15:30 -- 16:30. WORKSHOP. Your thoughts and ideas on how to run the most 
effective campaign possible. Any resolutions will be passed at the AGM 
at 17:30.
16:30 -- 17:00. World Orca Day and the Orca Awards!
     Presented by Dr Ingrid N. Visser
17:00 -- 17:30. Closing session
17:30 -- 18:30. AGM, election of trustees and the interim Global 
Council, and the passing of resolutions discussed during conference./


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