[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Genomes

Andy Foote footead at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 12:28:20 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

The first high coverage genome sequences of marine mammal species are
now publicly available:


This data has been generated at significant cost and effort by a
collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and Baylor College
for Medicine.

The decision to make the data public prior to publication was based on
the lack of a high quality reference genome that would aid other
genomic studies, for example by providing a mapping reference for
RADseq data.

This is in keeping with principles set out in the Toronto, Bermuda and
Ft. Lauderdale meetings/reports:


We hope that resource users will also respect and follow these
principles and would contact us before publishing any large-scale
analyses of the data, so that we can coordinate with our own
publication of the data we have generated.

Andrew Foote

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