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Sarah Hancock sarah at seiche.eu.com
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The Seiche Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) course provides comprehensive
training for personnel new to the offshore industry who are interested in
passive acoustic monitoring. The 3 day course is aimed at delegates with a
scientific background, preferably in biology and marine sciences who have
completed the JNCC marine mammal observer course.


There are 2 days of classroom sessions with lectures on sound in water,
marine mammal evolutionary biology and sound production, anthropogenic noise
sources and their effect on marine mammals. PAM principles and the role of
the PAM operator, Seiche PAM hardware with deployment and operations, PAM
software and an introduction to PAMguard.

There are hands on sessions in the classroom to reinforce the lectures and
encourage the delegates to get to grips with the system, it’s set up and
operation and troubleshooting.

The final classroom session is an interactive PAMguard workshop where
delegates work with the instructor to build a functioning PAMguard data
model. Simulated sources and recordings are used to show how the effective
use of detectors enables PAM operators to detect and localise vocalising
marine mammals. 


Day 3 is a practical session on a vessel where delegates use what they have
learned to take an active role in set up, deployment and operation of the
Seiche PAM system at sea and run through troubleshooting scenarios.


We do encourage all delegates to bring their own laptops to the course.
Lunch is provided within the course costs for the 2 days you are in the
classroom, however not for the practical day on board the boat. Travel and
accommodation are not provided in the course fee.


The next courses will take place at Plymouth Aquarium on the 10 – 12th
February 2014


Cost £450


To find out more about this course or to book this course please contact:
Sarah Hancock  <mailto:sarah at seiche.eu.com> sarah at seiche.eu.com



Sarah Hancock

Training Co-Ordinator


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