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 The Master of Professional Science degree, offered at University of
Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, is intended
for students who want to generate innovative solutions to marine, coastal
and climate related issues.  Our students are exposed to a unique,
multidisciplinary and applied curriculum, including science theory, field
and laboratory training, legal and regulatory knowledge, communication and
media training, and the development of business savvy.

 We prepare our students for science careers in industry, government, and
non-profit organizations, where employment demands are growing. The
curriculum is structured to allow students to complete their degree in as
little as 12 months, with the training and real-world experience necessary
to prepare them for careers in today’s professional science job market.

 With growing access to marine mammals in the wild and at managed care
facilities, the need for animal care and management staff is increasing. As
the potential for employment grows, there is a greater focus on employees
with strong educational and applied backgrounds. Advancements in the care
and conservation of marine mammals have progressed dramatically over the
last decade with the development of a greater understanding of marine
mammal biology, behavior, and physiology, as well as improved diagnostic
and assessment tools and techniques. Students in this degree track will be
part of one of the select programs in the nation designed to prepare them
for employment in marine mammal management (including associated
ecosystems) and care. Coursework will integrate topics such as marine
mammal medicine and pathology, medical diagnostics and laboratory analysis,
population assessment and management, state and federal regulations,
research, education, and applied behavior analysis. Students will have the
opportunity to interact with medical, training, and research experts in our
community, as well as conduct an internship at one of many marine mammal
rehab, managed care, or research facilities. As part of the practical
training incorporated into the Marine Mammal Science curriculum, most
students will participate in mark-recapture surveys, public education, wild
health assessments, behavior analysis and modification studies, learning
field techniques, animal care, necropsies, and regional and national

Other degree programs offered in Fall 2014 include:

*Marine & Coastal Science*

*       Aquaculture

*       Coastal Sustainability – with a semester abroad in the Bahamas!

*       Coastal Zone Management

*       Exploration Science

*       Fisheries Management and Conservation

*       Marine Conservation

*       Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management

*       Joint JD/MPS

*Meteorology and Climate Science*

*       Broadcast Meteorology

*       Computational Meteorology and Oceanography

*       Weather, Climate and Society

*       Weather Forecasting

Applications for fall 2014 will be accepted starting February 1st, 2014 and
will be evaluated on a rolling basis until June 1st, 2014.  *For more
information regarding coursework, pre-requisites and much more, *please
visit the program website -
 visit us on Facebookwww.facebook.com/Rosenstiel.ScienceMasters<https://exchange.rsmas.miami.edu/owa/redir.aspx?C=QrxD_AzYB0GLUCkcEx-Keu0J5TdqndAIL9pdBAQp5vn0_9eAZSuZrL9p6P9gyB7N2H0XhNDhHC0.&URL=http%3a%2f%2fwww.facebook.com%2fRosenstiel.ScienceMasters>
, and download the attachment.
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