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Hi everyone,

On behalf of the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI), I am pleased to announce that we are currently accepting internship applications for Winter-Spring term 2014 (a minimum of 60 days of participation from March 2014) for our new research project along the North-western coast of the Iberian Pensinsula (Galician waters, Spain). The BDRI offers the interns the chance to work during many steps of the research. Your participation means that you will not only be observing the studied animals at sea, but you will also be collecting different types of data, using various scientific methods, and helping on board the research vessel in general. When back in the lab, you will participate in the transcription of the collected data, with the database work, you will use various software’s, perform photo-identification analysis, use of GIS and more.

As an internship, you will be encouraged to work hard and gain an insight of what it is actually like to work as a marine mammal researcher. An academic background in biology or natural science, coupled with motivation, willingness to work hard and interest in marine mammal’s research make the most qualified individuals. Undergraduate and postgraduate students could, as a part of one of BDRI’s projects, present a personal research project as their thesis work. In order to do so, this is requested within your internship application. 

The BDRI is a private and self-funded centre, hence, there is no compensation for the internship positions. This means that in order for you to come and take a part of the project you will have to pay for a part of the expenses that are derived from your participation (the internship fee). The fee includes the accommodation, and a small part of other expenses derived of your participation (use of equipment, use of boats). Successful applicants will be responsible for their own transportation expenses to and from the research centre (O Grove, Galicia, Spain). 

There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. Apply early! Start and end dates are flexible. Positions are open until filled. Prior field research experience is recommended but not required.

Please download the internships general information and application form at:


Send the application form, resume, recommendation letters, and cover letter by email to the email: info at thebdri.com. 

See you on site!
Bruno Diaz Lopez
Chief Biologist & Director
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI
Via A. Diaz 4. Golfo Aranci 07020, Sardinia, Italy
tel. 0039 3460815414

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