[MARMAM] Request about information on video camera gear for recording wild seals

Andreas Salling andreassalling at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 07:18:28 PDT 2013

Dear marmam subscribers,

My name is Andreas Salling, and I'm doing my master thesis in biology at
the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with collaboration from Aarhus
University, Institute of BioScience, also in Denmark.

I seek any information, tips and/or experience regarding the use of camera
equipment to record video footage of seals in their natural habitat. I am
interested in the conflict with seals and fisheries, and I am particularly
curious about details in the act of stealing fish from gill nets, and hope
that experiments with stationary video recording gear can answer some of
our questions. I find myself particularly constrained by the relatively
short-lived batteries found in widely popular cameras such as the GoPro
series. I wish to record longer than the mere couple of hours which seem to
be the limit of a GoPro.

Any suggestions or tips on solving the battery-life problem will be greatly
Also, if anyone has knowledge on *marine camera traps*, this too will be
incredibly helpful.

Replies are welcomed at:   andreassalling at gmail.com

Hopeful regards,
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