[MARMAM] Request for entangling material

Elizabeth Hogan ehogan at wspausa.org
Wed Oct 9 12:22:27 PDT 2013

I am currently working on an initiative with the American Chemistry Council to test for commonalities in the types of plastics (particularly packing bands) removed from rescued marine wildlife.  Do any rescue/stranding groups have plastic material that they have removed from an entangled mammal, seabird or sea turtle that they could send to me for testing purposes?  We will be testing for data including resin type, product type, company of origin, manufacturer, regional degradability standards, and potential re-formulation for the product that would allow it to carry out its' intended consumer purpose.  If you have a sample from an actual entanglement (it cannot be just a debris sample that *could* entangle an animal, but must have actually caused entanglement, per the testing agreement), please contact me and I will cover the shipping costs and return the sample once testing is complete.

Please note that you wouldn't need to send the entire piece of material, a portion of it would be fine.

Thank you!

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