[MARMAM] Dolphin & Whale 911 and SEE & ID Dolphins & Whales Smartphone Apps

Cheryl Bonnes - NOAA Federal cheryl.bonnes at noaa.gov
Tue Nov 19 17:34:31 PST 2013

Two new smartphone apps are now available for iPhone and Android devices:
*Dolphin & Whale 911 and SEE & ID Dolphins & Whales.*
*Dolphin & Whale 911 *enables the public in the Southeast U.S. to
immediately report live or dead stranded, injured, or entangled marine
mammals by connecting them to the nearest stranding response hotline which
is detected through the phone’s internal GPS system. The app will help the
user identify the stranded animal by providing an electronic field guide of
marine mammals found in the Southeastern U.S. and also provides a list of
“do’s and don’ts” or tips on what to do when you find a live or dead
stranded marine mammal.  The app allows users to take and send a photo of
the marine mammal that is time/date/GPS coordinate stamped directly to the
stranding network.

*SEE & ID Dolphins & Whales* is an electronic field guide that assists the
public in identifying marine mammals in the Southeast U.S. and provide
species information such as physical description, biology, habitat,
conservation/status and photos. The app also informs that public of
appropriate ways to enjoy viewing marine mammals in the wild without
harming or harassing them.

The apps are currently available for download on iTunes and in the Google
Play store.
*SEE & ID Dolphins & Whale*s- Google Play:
*Dolphin & Whale 911*- Google Play:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.noaa.dolphinwhale911 and
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dolphin-whale-911/id698859376?mt=8

NOAA Fisheries, in partnership with Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant
Consortium (MASGC) and Versar-Geo-Marine, Inc. and with the technical
expertise from Applied Research Associates, worked collaboratively to
develop these smartphone apps.
For more information, visit:

Posted by Cheryl Bonnes (cheryl.bonnes at noaa.gov)
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