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Please post
Thank you

Dear All

I would like to hear your opinion regarding a stranding case we are dealing
with in the last two days in Israel.

A mature male, probably old bottle-nose dolphin (200kg, 2,5 meters) was
seen a few days ago swimming next to the shore. 2 days later he was caught
and released from fishing net and a few hours later we found him on the
shoreline and brought him for rehabilitation in a 9 meter diameter, 1.2
meter depth pool with sea water. Before collecting him, he
vomited/regurgitated partly digested fish.

The dolphin looks apathic and swims slowly and mostly rolled on its right

Breathing 4-6 breathings every minute, seem strenuous and with a bad

But for sure the most significant finding is the constant side swimming.in the
past 30 hours

A short movie can be viewed here:


The dolphin received Baytril and Amoxy LA intra-muscularly plus one shot of

We gave him by tube 3 liters of water to the stomach

Blood results showed:

There is leukocytosis. Occasional left shift (bands) and Doehle bodies are
present in the neutrophils. The monocytes are bland. There are small well
differentiated lymphocytes, occasional medium and rare large size reactive
lymphocytes with increased basophilic cytoplasm are noted. There is no
anemia in the smear, polychromasia is rare. Platelet number is estimated

The cytological findings are consistent with an inflammatory process

Partial ultra sonography didn’t detect clear pathology, maybe some
pathological pneumonia-like findings in its lungs

We will be very interested to receive any thoughts and recommendations for
further treatment

Thank you very much

Danny Morick

IMMRAC veterinarian

dannymorick at gmail.com


Aviad Scheinin, Ph.D
shani.aviad at gmail.com

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(Israel's National Ecosystem Program) http://www.hamaarag.org.il/

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