[MARMAM] Maui's Masquerade Student Fundraiser - ALMOST SOLD OUT

Charles Littnan charles.littnan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 20:28:55 PST 2013

Hello Everyone-

This is the second and last announcement for the Maui’s Masquerade Student
Travel Fundraiser at the upcoming SMM conference.  Our goal is to raise at
least $4000 to help students get to the 2015 conference in San Francisco.
 All we ask is you buy a ticket and some raffle tickets and participate in
the best party of the conference.

This is all you need to know:
1. Event tickets are only $20…$10 if you are a student!
2. Raffle tickets for all sorts of great prizes are only $2 each.  The more
you buy the better the deal! Check our site for prizes and deals.
3. You can purchase tickets and get all the important info on our webpage:
4. Tickets will be available near the registration desk at the conference.
5. Make or buy a mask! A few will be available at registration.
6. The party is on Tuesday, December 10 starting at 8 PM at Capone’s.
7. Oh one last thing…tickets are almost sold out!!  Less than 80 left.

Visit our website and get your tickets for the event.   Nurture our
Society’s future! If you have any questions you can submit them on our
webpage at:   http://mauismasquerade.weebly.com/contact-us.html

Another reminder, this is a masquerade so make sure you bring a mask
(costumes are optional).  Some labs have already started working on masks
together.  There will be a prize for best mask and best group effort.

See you soon and thanks on behalf of all of the SMM's student members.
Charles, Ari and Trudi.
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