[MARMAM] Sea Watch Foundation - Research Assistant/Intern Coordinator in Cardigan Bay. West Wales 2014

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The Sea Watch Foundation <http://www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/> , a
non-profit organization dedicated to marine research, conservation, and
public education is seeking applications for the following:



This position is responsible for assisting the Monitoring Officer in the
running of the "Cardigan Bay Monitoring Project
<http://www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/cardigan-bay-monitoring-project/> "
and coordinating the project interns. The project is based in New Quay, West
Wales, and takes care of the conservation management of the bottlenose
dolphin, harbour porpoise and grey seal populations of Cardigan Bay,
monitoring their abundance, distribution, reproductive success and
population structure using a combination of vessel-based, land-based,
photo-identification and acoustic surveys.


Start Date: April 11th 2014      End Date: October 26th 2014


Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

*	Coordinate between the Monitoring Officer/Sightings Officer and the
project interns - in charge of the intern shared house and the intern weekly
office rota.
*	Assisting the Monitoring Officer/Sightings Officer in intern basic
training of land- and boat based surveys, photo ID studies, Database entry
and more.
*	Assisting the Monitoring Officer in all phases of the research.
*	Undertaking a personal research project supervised by the Monitoring
Officer - research topic will be chosen according to Sea Watch Foundation
requirements and applicants' interests.


The successful applicant is expected to have a BSc degree (or higher) in
biology, marine biology, zoology, chemistry, or related field and able to
demonstrate previous experience in marine mammal research. A strong interest
and knowledge of British cetaceans and boating experience are beneficial.


The applicant must be proficient with database and word processing software
and be willing to learn new software applications. Specific experience in
Access and/or GIS would be advantageous. 
The preferred candidate should have a proven track record as a team player
as the project will involve working closely with other researchers but also
must be able to supervise small groups of people as they will be
coordinating at least 6 interns. They must also be self-motivated with the
drive and determination to work independently and responsibly. This post
brings the opportunity to submit work for scientific publication.
This position is unpaid but accommodation expenses will be covered. 


To apply:

Please fill in an 'application form' which can be downloaded from our
website by following this link
ication_form.doc>  and email to Daphna Feingold
daphna.feingold at seawatchfoundation.org.uk


Deadline: 2nd January 2014.


Please specify RESEARCH ASSISTANT/INTERN COORDINATOR into your subject


Applicants will be notified of the outcomes by the 2nd February 2014.






The Sea Watch Foundation


The Sea Watch Foundation is a registered marine environmental research
charity that aims to achieve better conservation of whales and dolphins in
the seas around Britain and Ireland, by involving the public in scientific
monitoring of populations and the threats they face. At Sea Watch Wales, we
are dedicated to raising awareness, knowledge and conservation of the marine
wildlife inhabiting Welsh seas. Our work has been funded over the years by
Natural Resources Wales, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Defra and the
Heritage Lottery Fund, and we work closely with the local management
authority, Ceredigion County Council.



The purpose of our research here is to monitor the marine mammal populations
inhabiting Cardigan Bay, so as to gain information to aid the conservation
and long-term well being of these animals and the local marine environment.
This is achieved by conducting various projects including:


*	Estimating the abundance and distribution of bottlenose dolphins,
harbour porpoises and grey seals within Cardigan Bay using distance sampling
and opportunistic boat surveys
*	Maintaining and updating a catalogue of photographically identified
bottlenose dolphins in Wales in order to study their abundance, social
structure, movements and life histories.
*	Acoustic monitoring of bottlenose dolphins and harbour porpoises in
the Cardigan Bay SAC primarily through hydrophone data collection.
*	Setting up a library of bottlenose dolphin whistles in Welsh waters
in order to develop bio-acoustic research in the area.


We further aim to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of the
local marine wildlife and the habitats supporting them, to encourage respect
and conservation of the area and its wildlife for future generations. We
also run training courses for the public in cetacean identification and
survey methods.



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