[MARMAM] social lateralization in cetaceans

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Dear Colleagues,

in a series of recent reports we have confirmed the earlier results from a
beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) population in the White Sea, that
calves prefer to swim to the right of their mothers, thus keeping them in
the left eye hemifield of vision. The same is true for wild Orcas. More
detailed account for the influence of escort condition, calf age, research
boat approach or population differences you may read in:

Karenina et al 2013b Lateralization of spatial relationships between wild
mother and infant orcas, Orcinus orca. Animal Behaviour


Karenina et al 2013a Social laterality in wild beluga whale infants:
comparisons between locations, escort conditions, and ages. Behavioural
Ecology and Sociobiology


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