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Fri Nov 8 00:22:53 PST 2013

Dear MARMAMers,

We are pleased to announce that the following report is now available:

Couvat, Jerome and Gambaiani, Delphine (2013). Evaluation of the 
technical solutions and management measures implemented at the 
international level to reduce the risks of collisions between ships and 
large cetaceans. Souffleurs d'Ecume. September 2013. 106p.

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The issue of collision between large ships and large cetaceans is 
global, complex, and many species are susceptible to it. Thus, a great 
variety of management measures and technological tools was developed 
around the world in order to limit that risk. This report intends to 
provide an overview of the different management measures implemented to 
reduce collisions between large cetaceans and commercial ships2 and an 
evaluation of these measures when possible. First, an inventory and 
evaluation of the technological tools are presented, followed by a 
presentation of the different management measures implemented around the 
world to reduce the risk of ship strikes. Future measures are presented 
at the end of this report. However, none is the ideal solution to reduce 
ship strikes. The different systems do not always meet the technical, 
economic (/e.g. /speed limitations, rerouting) and ergonomic (/e.g. 
/night vision systems) requirements of ships and are not always 
respectful from an ecological point of view (/e.g. /ADDs, sonar). Some 
are well-adapted to the area they were developed but can hardly be 
applied everywhere (/e.g. /WADBS, WACS, permit system). The only measure 
applicable everywhere in the world is the training and awareness raising 
efforts for concerned stakeholders. I would allow, among others, to 
reduce the lack of cooperation with, knowledge on or compliance with 
certain measures. Therefore, a combination of several measures 
(voluntary or mandatory, in the short term and the long term) must be 
adopted in collaboration with stakeholders and given the environmental 
(/e.g. /ecology, ethology and distribution of the targeted species) and 
economic (/e.g. /features and requirements of local shipping traffic) 
characteristics of the concerned region. Beforehand, some measures 
(/e.g. /speed limitations) would require a technical and socio-economic 
feasibility study.__

PDFs can be downloaded from Souffleurs d'Ecume's website here:
in English: 
in French: http://souffleursdecume.com/docs/SE_2013_eval_solu_collisions.pdf

This report is meant to be regularly updated so we are happy to gather 
any new information on the topic to make this work as thorough as possible.

Thank you.

Jerome Couvat
Project Manager
Souffleurs d'Ecume

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