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Dear colleagues,
A reminder about the upcoming workshop “Marine Mammal Tourism” at the SMM
conference in Dunedin, New Zealand. This full day workshop will be held on
Saturday 7th December 2013. A complete description is available on the
conference workshop website (
Marine mammal tourism has experienced rapid and widespread international
growth over the past three decades with an estimated 13 million tourists in
2008 generating around US$ 2.1 billion in total revenue. As a sub-component
of this wider non-captive marine mammal tourism industry is dolphin- based
tourism (including watching and swimming-with-dolphins). A wide range of
research into the effects of tourism on marine mammals has identified that
such activities are not benign and recent research has linked its
cumulative and potentially synergetic short-term effects with long-term
biological consequences for the viability and fitness of targeted
populations. Considering it is a human use of a marine mammal resource, the
International Whaling Commission has considered marine mammal tourism
activities and set up a Whale Watching Sub-Committee in 1998. The workshop
will consist of talks and discussion forum in order to review the
scientific basis for management of marine mammal tourism, discuss actions
for management agencies and examine their efficiency, and consider future
management development and implementation frameworks.
To register, please go directly to
Any parties interested in contributing to the workshop via a 30min
presentation should contact Anna Meissner on
a.m.meissner at massey.ac.nz<https://owa.massey.ac.nz/owa/redir.aspx?C=fet8NidBy0yyAJKEXBv7WCDtDNJmrdAIHWN2A8BZJktRxoBHk8OFaPQKdi5nN_upe6YCEZXju2o.&URL=mailto%3aa.m.meissner%40massey.ac.nz>with
a proposed title in the first instance.

On behalf of the organizing committee members

Anna Meissner (Massey University), Karen Stockin (Massey University),
Emmanuelle Martinez (Pacific Whale Foundation) & Mark Orams (AUT University)
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