[MARMAM] Maui's Masquerade - 1st Announcement for SMM Student Travel Fundraiser at the Biennial

Charles Littnan charles.littnan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 12:17:27 PST 2013

Greetings Potential SMM Biennial Conference Goers-

We are a few short weeks away from the conference and plans for the
ever-popular Student Travel Fundraiser are well on their way.  In Quebec it
was Seal Clubbing.  In Tampa it was Manatee Mayhem.  In Dunedin we hope to
inject a little mystery into the celebrations and present to you… Maui’s

The mission is the same…we want to raise funds to help get students to our
biennial conferences.  Our efforts in previous years have raised almost
$20,000 and helped dozens of students. We need your help to add to that

The party in Dunedin is going to happen on Tuesday Dec 10 at 8 PM at

Our website is live and full of useful information regarding the
fundraiser. Please visit it early and often.

Event and raffle tickets are already available for purchase.  We ALWAYS
sell out so it might be a good idea to buy in advance.  We will be selling
tickets near the registration desk Sun – Tues. If you buy tickets online
they will be available for pick up at our counter at the conference.

As always we have great prizes available so make sure you buy lots of
raffle tickets!!

Remember, this is for a good cause, so even if you don’t plan on attending
the conference or the party, there is still an opportunity to donate for
student travel.  Visit our website and just click on the HERO donation
button and give what you can or donate directly to the SMM!  Nurture our
Society’s future! If you have any questions you can submit them on our
webpage at:   http://mauismasquerade.weebly.com/contact-us.html

Sign up on our Facebook event page and help spread the word to your
colleagues:  https://www.facebook.com/events/437181099719589

Lastly, this is a masquerade people! Bring a mask!  (check out our home
page for tips on how to make them!)

See you soon and thanks on behalf of all of the SMM's student members.
Charles, Ari and Trudi.
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