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Dear MARMAM Readers,

We are pleased to inform you about the publication of a new book in
Portuguese Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of Brazil: Identification Guide.

The Guide describes 44 species of cetaceans and 1 genus confirmed for
Brazil. Includes information on species´ morphology, coloration patterns,
behavior, size, body mass, group size, distribution and occurrence, habitat
and diet. The Guide also addresses aspects of taxonomy, ecology, threats,
conservation, Brazilian legislation for protection and destinations for
observation, selected literature and websites.  It contains 345 color
photographs and 48 maps, 176 illustrations (107 colored; 69 black and white)
and 17 reproductions of Brazilian cetacean postal stamps.





1. The marine and freshwater environments of Brazil

2. Introduction

3. Cetaceans: taxonomy, evolution, distribution and geographic variation,
whaling and status

4. How to utilize the Guide: Identification of Species and organization 

5. Cetaceans species with confirmed occurrence for Brazil

6. Conservation: Challenges and Perspectives 

7.  Brazilian Legislation for Protection of Cetaceans 

8. Where to observe cetaceans in Brazil

9. Whales, dolphins and porpoises in Brazilian postal stamps

Glossary of technical terms

Selected literature

Selected Websites


Dichotomous key for identification of Brazilian cetaceans


List of cetacean species of the world

Authors: Liliane Lodi & Monica Borobia

Illustrations: Pieter A. Folkens

Publisher: Technical Books Editora e Livraria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

http://www.tblivraia.com.br   vendas at tblivraia.com.br  

Edition: 1a, 2013 

Pages: 479 p.

Format: 17cm X 24,5cm

ISBN: 9788561368326



Liliane Lodi and Monica Borobia


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