[MARMAM] Gray whale sighting in Walvis Bay, Namibia (south east Atlantic)

Simon Elwen simon.elwen at gmail.com
Tue May 14 04:48:09 PDT 2013

A gray (Eschrichtius robustus) whale has recently been photographed in
Walvis Bay, Namibia.  This is the first record we are aware of for the
species in the South Atlantic or Southern Hemisphere and likely represents
one of, if not the  longest movements of any mammal. The animal has been
seen around the bay by marine tour operators since the 04 May 2013

A more detailed back story and photographs confirming species identify are
available for viewing on the Namibian Dolphin Project blog:
Photographs and story by John Paterson of the Albatross Task Force and
Walvis Bay Strandings Network

Other publications from our research group are available here:

Simon Elwen

Research Fellow at the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria

Based in: Walvis Bay - Namibia. Phone: +264 81 421 4968 (mob Namibia)

Namibian Dolphin Project: www.namibiandolphinproject.com
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