[MARMAM] USGS/UCSC Sea Otter Tracking Internship Opportunity

Tomoleoni, Joseph jtomoleoni at usgs.gov
Fri May 10 14:41:45 PDT 2013

*Sea Otter Tracking Internship Opportunity*

Organization:  U.S. Geological Survey & UC Santa Cruz

Location:  San Luis Obispo County, CA, United States****

We are seeking enthusiastic and motivated individuals to assist research
staff with field observations and data collection of wild sea otters in San
Luis Obispo County, California.

Specific duties include: visiting locations throughout the study area by
vehicle in order to record data on location, behavior, and reproductive
status of tagged study animals.  Otters will be located using VHF radio
telemetry, and identified using binoculars and high powered spotting
telescopes.  Re-sights for every study animal will be obtained each day,
weather permitting.

We are looking for well qualified applicants to work as full time interns.
 This requires a commitment to a full time schedule (5 days/wk) for a
minimum period of 3 consecutive months.  Internships are unpaid, but
provide an opportunity to learn advanced tracking techniques using radio
telemetry, while also gaining valuable experience in collecting a variety
of geo-spatial and behavioral data.  Our field station is in Cambria, CA,
and lodging requirements can be arrange if needed.

*Prerequisites:*  Knowledge and/or experience such as attained through
upper division coursework towards a Bachelor's Degree in Biology or related
field (e.g. ecology, environmental science) or work as a qualified
biological technician

* Requirements:*

 1. Working knowledge of field equipment including binoculars, compass,
high-powered spotting scopes, and GPS

2. Experience with field data collection and data entry

3. Strong attention to detail  and ability to work well independently and
as part of a team

4. Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills

5. Ability to conduct strenuous outdoor work in a variety of weather

6. Interns must posses a valid driver’s license

7. Interns and volunteers must have their own car and be willing to use it
to travel to/from the field site.

8. As communication is essential while working in the field, interns must
possess a cell phone

9.      Minimum 3 month commitment of approximately 40 hrs/wk.

For more information and to apply, please email: jtomoleoni at usgs.gov and
provide a current resume/c.v. and cover letter.
*Joe Tomoleoni*
Wildlife Biologist
U.S. Geological Survey
Western Ecological Research Center
Santa Cruz Field Station
100 Shaffer Road, COH Bldg
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
jtomoleoni at usgs.gov
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