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Mon May 6 03:33:50 PDT 2013

The Marine Environment Research Association - AIMM - seeks applications as research assistant to help with the ongoing study of cetaceans in the South of Portugal (Algarve). The field season runs from May, 1st to October, 30th 2013.
This project intends to continue the study that AIMM has been developing along the South coast of Portugal, as well as the collaboration with the local dolphin watching companies.

Participants will join the team for, at least, 7-days period but preference will be given to applicants that can stay for longer periods. Activities include boat surveys on the research vessel and on opportunistic platforms (dolphin watching boats). Data collection comprises species identification, group size, behaviour, photo-identification, amongst others. Training is provided by AIMM researchers, mainly marine biologists.

The assistant is responsible for his own transportation to/from Albufeira, where the AIMM assistant’s house is located. Accommodation and transport to/from the dock is provided. Food is at the assistant's own expenses except breakfast, but communal shopping keep the expenses low. Apart from research activities, participants share everyday duties and chores with the other team members. The program's fee is 300€ per week.

No previous experience is required. Anyone above the age of 16 can participate, regardless of nationality or field of expertise.

Successful applicants will:- have a mature attitude towards marine mammal research
- be autonomous and quickly operational 
- be able to live and work constructively with others members of the team
- speak fluent Portuguese and/or English

Preference will be given to those who have:- relevant marine mammal field experience
- working experience on research vessels
- experience working from dolphin/whale watching platforms
- experience in photo-identification
- professional cameras that can be used for photo-ID

Applicants should send an e-mail with a small introduction, qualifications and previous experience, as well as an outline explaining why they would like to work with AIMM. A brief CV should also be attached.

Applications will be accepted during all season, however, early application is recommended.

Contact: direccao at aimm-portugal.org
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