[MARMAM] Survey volunteer for cetacean, turtle and seabird study in Mauritius.

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Survey volunteer for cetacean, turtle and seabird study in Mauritius.

7-22 June 2013. (2 weeks)

The Mauritius Marine Conservation Society (MMCS) is recruiting a volunteer
to assist in data collection for a project looking at species diversity and
distribution of cetaceans, turtles and seabirds around the mainland of
Mauritius and the northern islands. This would involve living aboard a
catamaran for 5 days during the data collection stage and a further 5 days
based in the office on the west coast of Mauritius (generally weekends off).

The survey is the first of its kind in Mauritius and a unique opportunity
to see the whole coast of the island while gaining further experience in
conservation field work. You will get the chance to encounter some or all
of the 13 different species already found around Mauritius. Species such as
the Pan-tropical spotted dolphin, sperm whale, Melon-headed whale and the
Short-finned Pilot whale or even discover a new species not yet recorded in
the area. Emphasis will be placed on the further development of both the
Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin and spinner dolphin photo-ID catalogues. A
primary goal of the project is to assess the potential for whale and
dolphin watching in other areas of the island so as to relieve pressure on
the west coast populations.

Skills and experience:

·         Willingness to spend long hours on the sea in sometimes difficult

·         Highly motivated and able to concentrate for several hours at a

·       Photo identification experience preferred - you will assist in the
updating of bottlenose and spinner dolphin photo identification catalogues
and possibly the development of photo-ID catalogues from other species

·         Knowledge of turtle and seabird identification for the western
Indian Ocean is a bonus.

·         Good people skills - you will be living in close quarters with

·         Ability to work in a team environment maintaining focus on work

·         Preferably educated to at least degree level in marine

 Please note that this is an *unpaid* position. The successful applicant
will contribute 700GBP to cover airport transfers, food and accommodation
on the catamaran, and accommodation during the second week. During the
second week accommodation, bedding, laundry facilities and wifi are all
supplied but *food is the volunteers’ responsibility* (allow
40-60GBP/week). You will need to cover your own airfares and insurance.

MMCS is a non-governmental organization existing for more than 30 years,
working actively to promote awareness and appreciation of the rich marine
life around Mauritius. Educating people to the need for marine
conservation, our core objective is the protection of marine mammals and
coral reefs.
For more information and application forms on this project or our normal
volunteer program please contact: Nina and Imogen via email:
info at mmcs-ngo.org
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