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Sun Mar 31 12:28:40 PDT 2013

Dear all,

Apologies for cross posting.

We would like to announce that there are still some places available for the upcoming ECS workshop "Towards a large scale collaboration on sperm whale research".

Workshop title: Towards a large scale collaboration on sperm whale research
Date: 06/04/2013
Organizer: Marta Acosta Plata (Marine Research and Education Fund of Andenes - MAREFA)
Time: Full day (9:30 - 18:00)
Cost: 25 euro


With the present workshop we are aiming to review the current knowledge about sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) in the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic and bring together any research group, individuals, whale watching companies or non-profit organizations working on the species, in order to gain a better understanding at a larger scale and identify potential knowledge gaps to be addressed in the upcoming years. During this workshop we also expect to facilitate the sharing of data, including photo-identification images, acoustic recordings and tissue samples. Special attention will be destined to re-build the large scale photo-identification database NAMSC (North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sperm whale Catalogue). All the potential contributors to the workshop will be invited in advance, and other places will be available for interested individuals, in particular, students that are already or would like to get involved with sperm whale research.  

If you wish to participate, please send you request to m.acosta at marefa-whaleresearch.org


Marta Acosta Plata
Marine Research and Education Fund of Andenes
m.acosta at marefa-whaleresearch.org 		 	   		  
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