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Mauricio Carrasquilla mauricio.carrasquilla at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 10:04:04 PDT 2013


Dear Marmam,


One of my PhD colleagues is looking for recordings of harbor seal (Phoca
vitulina) vocalizations to be used as a control (i.e., non-threatening)
audio stimulus in a  predator playback study examining the effects of
predator presence on foraging behavior in coastal raccoons.  Ideally,
recordings would consist of up to 20 seconds of uninterrupted seal
vocalizations (i.e., no human voice over), and multiple recordings (or
single recordings with multiple individual seals) are highly desirable.
This work is part of a PhD project being conducted through the University of
Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.  If anyone has sounds we can use, we
would of course fully acknowledge that individual in all publications that
come out of this work.  Please contact Justin Suraci (jsuraci at uvic.ca).


Thanks in advance,


Mauricio Carrasquilla

Marine Biologist Msc.

PhD Student

Biology Department

University of Victoria BC



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