[MARMAM] Grey seal Halichoerus grypus in the Black Sea

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Sat Mar 23 17:01:47 PDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the following paper:

E.V. Gladilina, O.A. Kovtun, A.A. Kondakov, A.M. Syomik, K.K. Pronin and
P.E. Gol’din. (2013). Grey seal *Halichoerus grypus* in the Black Sea: the
first case of long-term survival of an exotic pinniped. *Marine
Biodiversity Records* 6,1-6. doi:10.1017/S1755267213000018


A grey seal (*Halichoerus grypus*), representative of the North Atlantic
species, has been recorded in the north-east Black Sea.
It is the first documented case of successful long-term survival of an
exotic pinniped. We have been receiving data about
regular sightings of the seal identified as the observed individual since
2001. It is a 160–170 cm long adult female. The
seal used an underwater cave as a shelter. The most likely way of
introduction of the grey seal to the Black Sea is escape
from captivity. According to available data (body size and moulting
seasonality), we tentatively identify it as a representative
of the Baltic subspecies. The biotope requirements of the grey seal and
monk seal are similar: both species use coastal karst
caves and grottos. In addition, the seal’s presence in this region is a
marker of the lack of anthropogenic disturbance. Thus, the
survival of a seal in this region indicates the possibility of successful
re-colonization of the Black Sea by monk seals.

The paper is available online at:

Or you can contact me at: el.gladilina at gmail.com

Best wishes,
Elena Gladilina

Lena Gladilina,
Department of Zoology,
V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University,
Simferopol, Ukraine
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