[MARMAM] New publication: Parental Care behavior of Sotalia guianensis in Southeastern Brazil

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Dear all,

We are pleased to inform that the following article was published in

Parental care behavior in the Guiana dolphin, *Sotalia guianensis* (Cetacea:
Delphinidae), in Ilha Grande Bay, southeastern Brazil.

Parental care is any form of parental behavior that increases offspring
fitness. To the authors' knowledge, this study is the first to analyze the
intensity of parental care in the Guiana dolphin, *Sotalia guianensis* (van
Bénéden, 1864). The objectives of this study are as follows: 1) to quantify
the degree of parental care in *S. guianensis* in Ilha Grande Bay, Rio de
Janeiro; 2) to investigate the influence of behavioral state and group size
on the degree of parental care; and 3) to evaluate the differences between
the intensity of parental care provided to calves and juveniles. Our
results indicate that the intensity of parental care is high in *S.
guianensis* and that care is more intense in larger groups. It is possible
that these differences serve to maximize hydrodynamic gains and to minimize
risks. Our results suggest that parental care is more intense during
travel. A possible reason for this greater intensity is that the feeding
dynamics show a more random pattern than other behavioral states. Moreover,
the results indicate that calves receive more intense care than juveniles.
These results suggest that parent-offspring conflict is possible in the
study population.

For copies, please contact me: rhtardin at gmail.com

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