[MARMAM] Manufacturers of acoustic pinger detectors?

Jamison Smith - NOAA Federal jamison.smith at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 13 07:14:55 PDT 2013

Greetings Marmam Subscribers,

We are interested in knowing if anyone out there is currently using an
in-air pinger detector or know of manufacturers of these devices?

We have purchased a few of the EvoDesign in-air pinger detectors for
assessing whether pingers outfitted on gillnets are pinging at required
levels. Fisheries officers or fisheries observers on board fishing vessels
use these to verify if the pingers are functioning as required by fisheries
regulations. This is typically conducted on the vessel during the hauling
procedures. We have a couple of the in-water detectors as well, and while
they are certainly more accurate (and expensive), we are trying to adhere
to in-air detectors due to the convenience factor of having a non-acoustics
person verifying the functioning pinger on the deck of the fishing vessel.

Does anyone use, or know of, other manufacturers of these types of devices?
I have conducted a web search and didn’t come up with much. Any input is
greatly appreciated.

Take care,


*Jamison Smith
Atlantic Whale Entanglement Response Coordinator
NOAA Fisheries
Jamison.Smith at noaa.gov
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