[MARMAM] Seal rehabilitation position available at the Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary

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Wed Mar 13 07:44:01 PDT 2013

A position has opened up at the Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary to start
in May 2013.
The position is unpaid, but accommodation and food is provided.

We are looking for volunteers who are able to commit to a minimum of 3
months. Preference will be given to applicants who can commit to 6 months.

The Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary is located on the South West Coast of
Ireland and is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of seals
and wildlife found in
difficulty around Ireland’s coast. For more information on the sanctuary
please visit our website www.dinglesanctuary.com

 **Job description:*
The resident volunteers will participate in hands-on animal care of seals
in rehabilitation, as well as the on-site waterfowl collection;
coordinating rescues and releases; keeping accurate detailed records;
maintaining animal facilities, including hospital units and pools;
maintaining and cleaning public facilities; and giving tours and actively
interacting with the public.

The work hours are long (9-12 hours) and physically demanding. The
volunteers work 5 days a week, with two days off. Volunteers
are required to have an advanced level of English, in both speaking and

** Responsibilities/duties will include (but are not limited to)**

The volunteers will report to the animal managers and will be trained in:

   - Food preparation
   - Safe animal handling and restraining
   - Tube feeding, force feeding, hand feeding seals
   - Natural history of harbour and grey seals
   - Record keeping
   - Administration of injections and oral medications
   - Assisting in rescues and releases nationwide
   - General cleaning duties of animal and public facilities
   - Hygiene and quarantine protocols to prevent the spread of disease etc.
   - Assisting veterinarians in surgical and medical cases when required
   - Running the visitor’s centre, providing guided tours and engaging with
   the public
   - Caring for bird collection and farm animals

20 years or older, preference given to 25 years and over with manual
driving capability. Advanced level of English comprehension and speaking
and have an avid interest in marine mammal care and rehabilitation.
Preference will be given to applicants with previous experience in animal


   - Experience in handling wildlife preferred
   - Excellent organisational and communication skills
   - Ability to work under pressure
   - A commitment to wildlife, conservation and volunteer work
   - Flexible and reliable working attitude
   - Willingness to work long hours outdoors in Irish weather
   - Experience in interacting with the public/ public speaking
   - Able to lift 20kg and be in good physical shape
   - Be enthusiastic and eager to help and learn

The Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary is located just outside the lovely
seaside town of Dingle, County Kerry, one of the most beautiful locations
in Ireland. We are looking for dedicated, flexible, enthusiastic
volunteers, who are able to work and live within a small team and who are
self-motivated, show initiative and able to work without constant

 To apply for this position,

go to our website www.dinglesanctuary.com and under the Volunteers tab
download and fill out an application.

Email application to animalmanager.dwss at gmail.com

Animal Manager
Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary
Lispole, Dingle
+353 (0)669151750
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