[MARMAM] Seeking advice on cetacean monitoring using remote surveillance cameras

Dylan Walker dylan at planetwhale.com
Sat Mar 9 07:29:45 PST 2013

Dear Marmamers,

Does anybody have experience in using remote surveillance video cameras to
monitor the presence of cetaceans?

Motion-activated 'TrailCams' are being increasingly used in the terrestrial
environment to record the presence of mammals, operating both during the
daytime and at night. They are motion-activated enabling them to be
efficient on battery usage and time-saving in terms of reviewing the

Whilst I appreciate that waves are likely to trigger such equipment even
when cetaceans are not present, I wondered whether anybody had been
successful in using such cameras from coastal viewpoints to record passing
cetaceans such as Gray Whales for example?

If possible, I would like to test this equipment at seal haul-out sites
which may be frequented by hunting killer whales, Orcinus orca. As any
killer whales present are likely to be very close to shore, it may be
possible to use video cameras without extensive zoom lenses to record their

I would be very happy to post a summary of replies on this subject in order
to assist others who might take advantage of this technology.

I would also be interested to hear from anybody who has successfully used
live webcams in salt-spray filled coastal or boat-based environments.



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