[MARMAM] New Paper on Bottlenose Dolphin Body Condition

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the following article was recently
published in *Aquatic Biology*.

*Reference ranges for body condition in wild bottlenose dolphins Tursiops

Leslie Burdett Hart, Randall S. Wells, Lori H. Schwacke

ABSTRACT: Marine mammal body condition, as evaluated by a combination of
mass, length, and/or girth measurements, is considered an indicator of
nutritional status.  We used measurements of total mass, total length, and
maximum girth from long-term bottlenose dolphin *Tursiops truncatus*
research conducted in Sarasota Bay, Florida, USA, (1987-2009) to develop
95th percentile reference ranges for 2 body condition models: (1) total
mass versus total length and (2) maximum girth versus total length.
 Nonlinear and linear quantile regression methods were used to estimate the
parameters for the reference ranges and develop predictive models to
examine body condition among individual dolphins.  The flexibility of these
models and reliance upon commonly acquired morphometrics allows for broad
application among researchers lacking data on mass or age. Ultimately,
these reference ranges can be used to evaluate and compare the body
condition of individual animals and provide an additional metric for
evaluating the general health of coastal populations.

*Aquatic Biology*, 2013, Volume 18, Pgs. 63-68.

Abstract and article link:  *http://www.int-res.com/abstracts/ab/v18/n1/*

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