[MARMAM] Sounds in wav

Daniel Patón Domínguez d.paton.d at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 01:32:44 PST 2013

Dear colleagues:

My name is Daniel Patón and I live to thousands of kilometers far away of sea and cetaceans :-(. However, I am professor of Ecology in a small University in SW Spain, close to Portugal rounded of vultures, eagles, birds and incredible landscapes ;-). In my classes on numerical methods in ecology, the students use animal sounds from internet that we analyze mathematically. Usually, students are interested in birds but this year we are exploring other organisms. A group of students is preparing a work on cetaceans and we had localized a lot of species. However we do not find any sound file in WAV on these species:


Any of this list could send me sound files on these species?. We need the data in WAV for working on ultrasounds.

As counterpart I can help in data analysis or any questions that require numerical methods (multivariate analysis, genetic algorithms, neural networks, etc...)

Many regards

 Daniel Patón Domínguez
 Numerical Ecology. Ecology Unit
 Department of Plant Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences
 Faculty of Sciences. University of Extremadura
 Avda. Elvas s/n 06071 Badajoz (Spain)

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