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The Penn State Graduate Program in Acoustics is pleased to over ACS 597C
Marine Bioacoustics as a Distance Education class this fall semester (Fall
2013).  This course covers multiple topics within the area of marine
bioacoustics and includes 1-2 lectures from visiting researchers over the
semester.  This course is offered 2-3 years.  Previous students have come
from other universities, regulatory and management agencies, military, and
private industry.  


Details of the course are below, and registration details are found at


ACS 597C, Marine Bioacoustics

.        Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Miksis-Olds

.        Class Time: Monday and Wednesday 2:30 PM -3:45 PM (EST)

.        Credits: 3

.        Tuition: $2325.00

.        Prerequisite: Undergraduate physics, calculus, knowledge of
differential equations is helpful but not required

.        Course Material: This course will provide an introduction to the
role of acoustics in aquatic biological systems and how acoustics is used to
study biological processes and ecosystem dynamics. Topics include: marine
animal hearing; sound production; behavior; echolocation; remote sensing;
and the impacts of sounds on marine animals.  Course grades will be based on
homework assignments (written critiques, problem solving, signal processing,
acoustic modeling), mid-term exam, final exam, and final project.  The final
project entails writing and presenting a NSF style research proposal on a
marine bioacoustics topic of your choice (this can not be a thesis or
dissertation proposal topic).


Recommended Texts:

Marine Mammals and Noise, Richardson, Greene, Malme and Thompson, 1998,
(Academic Press)

Fisheries Acoustics: Theory and Practice, Simmonds and MacLennan, 2nd
edition, 2006, (Wiley-Blackwell



Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, PhD

Senior Research Associate, The Applied Research Laboratory

Associate Professor, Graduate Program in Acoustics

The Pennsylvania State University

PO Box 30, Mailstop 3510D

State College, PA 16804

(814) 865-9318

jlm91 at psu.edu



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