[MARMAM] research program seeking for volunteers : whale breeding season 2013

fschnoller fschnoller at planetenature.re
Wed Jun 12 03:12:05 PDT 2013

Based on the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, the DAREWINprogram (www.
darewin.org) <http://www.darewin.org/> studies acoustic and ethology on
Humpback Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins and Sperm Whales. We work with
different organizations: the NGO Abyss
(www.abyss.re),<http://www.abyss.re/> the
FFESSM(www.ffessm.fr) <http://www.ffessm.fr/> and various private
operators. This project is conducted under the scientific supervision of
laboratories, with a multidisciplinary and international scientific
committee <http://web.me.com/abyss974/Site/Scientific_comittee.html>.

For more information you can watch this film:
https :/ / vimeo.com/34462527 <https://vimeo.com/34462527>
or this ibook :
Carnet de rencontres

We offer motivated individuals to join the team for two to three months
from the month of July/August. An experience and training in the field of
biology and signal processing is a plus. Similarly boating license and a
freediving level  are preferable.

We expect assistance in the field and at office, to assist in data
collection and processing of our data base online.

- Photo and video identification
- Spectral analysis of videos and recordings sound systems
- Classification of behaviors
- Timecode of geolocalised data
- Weekly video summary

Similarly participation in logistics and supervision of program
participants is expected. Two to three survey trips per week on average
will be planned.

- Preparation of video and audio materials
- Preparation of the boat
- The maintenance of the public reception area, video and photo exhibition
- Welcome the public

Housing is provided (on basic shelter built), the volunteer will assume the
flight and other expenses. A contribution to costs of our program
(optional) will be welcome.

To apply, send your application to abyss at planetenature.re before June 20,
thank you to attach a CV and letter.

Fabrice Schnöller
Entrepreneur, chercheur et conseil en RSE

Carnet de rencontres
www.click-research.net <http://www.planetenature.re>

+ (262) 692 68 90 51
skype : schnollers


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