[MARMAM] Marine Mammals course @ Duke Marine Lab (8 July - 9 August)

Helen Nearing hnearing at duke.edu
Tue Jun 11 13:50:28 PDT 2013

The Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC has a few spaces left in the summer 2013 Marine Mammals course.  Additional courses are available - check the website (link is below) for a complete listing of courses and additional information.

Marine Mammals
Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, NC.
Summer Term II: 8 July - 9 August 2013

Experience the beautiful North Carolina coast! Join students from all over the world in participating in this unique summer session experience!

This is a field and laboratory-intensive course designed to provide first-hand experience with research techniques such as photo-identification and mark-recapture analysis, line transect surveys and distance sampling, sampling prey distribution and abundance, behavioral sampling techniques, acoustic recording and analysis, and necropsy techniques.

Course Description: The biology of cetaceans, pinnipeds, sirenians, and sea otters. Topics covered include the diversity, evolution, ecology, and behavior of marine mammals and their interactions with humans. Detailed consideration given to the adaptations that allow these mammals to live in the sea. Evaluation of the scientific, ethical, and aesthetic factors influencing societal attitudes toward these animals and of their conservation management in light of domestic legislation and international treaties.

As part of the Summer Term II Integrated Marine Conservation Program,  a core course, Conservation  Biology and Policy, may be taken with Marine Mammals. Students are encouraged (but not required) to take both  courses.

For more information: ml_enrollment at nicholas.duke.edu<mailto:ml_enrollment at nicholas.duke.edu> (Tel: 252.504.7502).
To apply: https://app.applyyourself.com/?id=duke-geml

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