[MARMAM] summer cetacean surveys between Barcelona and Balearic Islands

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Dear all,
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Mireia Bou

Dear all,
EDMAKTUB Association is seeking volunteers for cetacean research trips in
the Mediterranean Sea, Spain.
•	Campaign 1: July 28th to August 4th 2013
•	Campaign 2: September 1st to September 8th 2013
EDMAKTUB Association works for the study and disclosure of aquatic
environment and is specially focused in the study of cetaceans.
We are seeking field assistants for our summer campaigns of the project
“Comparison between radiocontrolled aerial technologies for cetacean
studies”.  The aim of this project is to study the populations of
cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea (Between Balearic and Catalan coasts)
and the use of new “noninvasive” techniques for the study of the
populations of cetaceans. These new techniques are a multicopter and an
aircraft. We use the aircraft for the capture of images and the
multicopter for biological-sampling.
Visual and acoustical surveys will be conducted from early morning to
evening during the 8 days onboard, studying the distribution, behavior,
and sound production of the sighted species. In addition, blow-sampling of
sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) and fin whales (Balaenoptera
physalus) will be carried out using the new “non-invasive” techniques. 
The assistants would be able to learn: visual and acoustic cetacean
surveying, photo-identification , species  identification, environmental
and behavioral data collection, sound tracking and data collection and
basic marine navigating skills.
Volunteers are expected to arrive on Sunday (July 28th and September 1st )
in the afternoon (you can stay overnight on board) . The catamaran will
set sail to Balearic Islands, from Barcelona on July 29th and September  
2nd (Monday early morning) and be back to Barcelona again on Saturday
(August 3rd and September 7th). Volunteers can leave on August 4th and
September 8th as the boat will be back late in the afternoon of Saturday
(so you can stay overnight).
Accommodation and food is offered in the catamaran during the 8 days,
assistants are required to pay 850€ for food, accommodation and gas
No previous experience is required, as the scientist present in the
campaign will provide all the necessary information and teach assistants.
 If you are interested or want more information, please write us sending
your CV at: info at edmaktub.com

 All the Edmaktub team

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