[MARMAM] Biological Research Technician needed in fish and marine mammal bioacoustics

Wed Jul 31 16:02:42 PDT 2013

Dear Colleagues,

Please pass this job advertisement onto interested applicants.

All the best,
Dr. Eric Montie

Biological Research Technician Needed
Job Description: Sound Production and Hearing Studies with Fish and Marine Mammals

Organization: Marine Sensory and Neurobiology Lab, Department of Natural Sciences, University of South Carolina Beaufort

Salary: $10 - $12 per hour with possible performance based raise

Position Information:  Full time (40 hrs per week); Monday through Friday; Flexible hours; 1 year commitment with possible extension

Location: This position is located at the University of South Carolina Beaufort at the Bluffton campus.  Bluffton, SC is located only 20 minutes from Hilton Head Island, SC.   The campus is 10 minutes from the May River and 15 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

About Our Lab:  Our research lab strives to understand the sensory and neurobiology of marine organisms.  Specifically, we are interested in brain architecture, hearing of fish and marine mammals, and acoustic communication of aquatic vertebrates. The more applied part of our research program focuses on studies that investigate how natural and man-made stressors impact the brain, hearing, and acoustic communication.  These stressors include man-made chemicals, harmful algal blooms, noise pollution, and climate change.  We use techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, auditory evoked potentials, and passive acoustics using long-term monitoring devices.  This research involves work on biomedical models such as zebrafish, as well as wild marine organisms like bottlenose dolphins.

Duties Include:

(1)    General lab maintenance - ordering supplies, cleaning, etc.

(2)    Zebrafish husbandry and breeding;

(3)    Experiments to understand the effects of endocrine disrupting pollutants on fish development.

(4)    Analysis of tissues for hormones.

(5)    Hearing tests with fish and marine mammals.

(6)    Immunohistochemistry of hair cells and visualization using Apotome Optical Sectioning.

(7)    Sound production studies with fish and marine mammals.

(8)    Maintenance of water quality sensors in the May River.

(9)    Analysis of results, manuscript writing, and grant preparation.

Qualifications Required:  B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, or related field.  Applicants with a M.S. are welcome to apply.  Demonstration of lab experience is preferred, especially if applicant has experience with fish husbandry, toxicology studies, immunohistochemistry, and/or neurophysiology.  Experience on small boats is also preferred but not mandatory.  This is a perfect position for a motivated, passionate student who wants to gain more research experience and is interested in publishing.

How to Apply: Please email a C.V. and two reference letters with contact information to Dr. Eric Montie (emontie at uscb.edu<mailto:emontie at uscb.edu>).  If you have questions on the position, please email or phone (843) 208-8107.

Eric W. Montie
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Natural Sciences
University of South Carolina Beaufort
One University Boulevard
Bluffton, SC 29909

Office Phone: (843) 208-8107
Fax: (843) 208-8294
Email: emontie at uscb.edu

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