[MARMAM] DISCOVERY: A Photo-Identification Data-Management System

Glenn Gailey gaileyg at tamug.edu
Mon Jul 22 09:57:16 PDT 2013

Dear MARMAMers, 


We are pleased to announce the general release of our DISCOVERY
Photo-Identification software. DISCOVERY was designed to be a comprehensive
data-management system to process, store, manage, visualize and analyze all
photo-identification information and associated/unassociated data for single
or multi-study site and/or species application. DISCOVERY assists at all
processing/data entry levels from filtering of raw photographic data,
filenaming routines, incoming/group matching, catalog individual-ID
matching, GPS data extraction, sighting information with environmental,
geographic, and numerous user-defined parameters as well as host of any
other user-defined datasheets. DISCOVERY also provides GIS displays of
sighting/individual/effort data and basic analyses of the data with export
options to other tools, such as MARK, SOCPROG, etc. We believe DISCOVERY is
adaptable to any species of marine mammals (or non-marine mammal) and
particularly useful for maintaining a single database for research projects
collecting data at large geographical scales and between multiple research
teams working on different databases. DISCOVERY can also easily facilitate
integration of existing data collected and stored by other means, such as
Microsoft Access/Excel. We believe there are a number of dynamic
capabilities in DISCOVERY to meet a multitude of project-specific
requirements and user-specific needs.


DISCOVERY is a freely-available software. To find out more about DISCOVERY's
capabilities and/or to download the software. Please visit the software
website at: 






The DISCOVERY development team will attempt their best to address any
questions or issues users may have with the software. We ask that you place
any inquires on the forum provided on the website. 


Best wishes on your research endeavors, 



Glenn Gailey

Leszek Karczmarski


Cetacean Ecology Lab  

The Swire Institute of Marine Science

The University of Hong Kong

Cape d'Aguilar, Shek O, Hong Kong

Website: http://www.hku-cetacean-ecology.net 

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