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NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory’s Marine Animal Health Program is
recruiting to fill two dolphin photo-identification internship
positions for the fall of 2013. The positions are at the NOAA National
Ocean Service Laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina and will
involve a commitment of 20 hours per week extending over a 14 week
period from September 9 to December 13, 2013. There is some
flexibility in these start and end dates.

Interns will primarily assist with laboratory activities such as data
entry, photo-analysis, and stranding response, in addition to
participating in a limited amount of fieldwork. Building on existing
data from long-term monitoring which has spanned 15+ years, boat-based
photo-identification (id) surveys will be conducted for Western North
Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in estuaries and near-shore waters of
South Carolina as well as remote biopsy surveys near Jacksonville, FL.
Specific research questions focus on relationships between
contaminants and environmental factors.  The internship offers an
excellent opportunity for qualified and motivated individuals to
obtain field and laboratory training in photo-id methodology and
analysis under the mentorship of experienced dolphin researchers.

There is no compensation for this position, and interns will be
responsible for their own living expenses and transportation to and
from the laboratory. There may be travel involved for some components
of the fieldwork, which will be paid for by the laboratory.

Ideal applicants will be advanced undergraduates or recent graduates of a
scientifically-oriented university program in marine science, biology or a
related field.  Preference will be given to applicants with well-developed
computer skills and boat-based field experience. The internship application
consists of a letter of interest, transcripts of university coursework and
two letters of recommendation from professors or research supervisors who
are familiar with applicant’s scholarship, research skills and work habits
relevant to the internship.
Interested applicants should first correspond with Todd Speakman by email (
Todd.Speakman at noaa.gov) before preparing and submitting application
materials. We anticipate filling this internship position by the August 15,

Todd Speakman, Biologist
JHT Inc. Contractor
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Road
Charleston, SC 29412
Ph/ 843.762.8820
Fx/ 843.762.8737
Todd.Speakman at noaa.go <Todd.Speakman at noaa.gov>v
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