[MARMAM] Breaching minke whale with bloody ventral surface

Danielle Dion minke_phoque at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 8 17:17:37 PDT 2013

Hello everyone, just looking for some help please.  I am a naturalist aboard a whale watching boat out of St. Andrews, NB on the Bay of Fundy.  We spent time with a breaching minke whale on July 3/13 off the Northern end of Campobello Island, NB in the Bay of Fundy and after the second breach (I missed the first) you can see blood on the ventral side and I was wondering of anyone has any ideas (Photos can be viewed on our blog here http://quoddylinkmarine.blogspot.ca/2013/07/what-great-day.html)?  I know humpbacks can get bloody pecs from flippering and I know whales can bleed easily and profusely but it will stop quickly with vasoconstriction but I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what may have caused it?  Also, if anyone could help me with sexing this minke whale I would be ever grateful.
Please respond directly to me, Danielle, at danielle.m.dion at hotmail.com
Thank you so much,

Danielle Dion
Naturalist/Photographer/Volunteer Research
Quoddy Link Marine
St. Andrews, NB
danielle.m.dion at hotmail.com
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