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Marine Biologist: Second Posting  Marine biologist to lead population study
of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) and its role in the Salish Sea


Required: PhD in marine biology, or equivalent, experience in cetacean
research, demonstrated ability to secure funding for independent research. A
US citizenship or existing work visa for the US is required. The ability to
relocate to Washington is required.


Desirable: Experience in wildlife population ecology, experience using
acoustic instruments, experience handling boats, experience meeting with
natural resource managers to recommend management policy, experience meeting
with agencies and foundations, success obtaining funding for conservation


The successful candidate will be asked to take the lead in a project that is
underway, to use acoustic monitors and land-based observations to estimate a
population of harbor porpoise. The project leader will have the assistance
of one support staff and work with the current PI. The initial, primary
duties will be to direct measurements to obtain the detection probability of
acoustic monitors. This will include placing, deploying and swapping
acoustic monitors, analyzing data, assessing the accomplishment of the
project and modifying design and execution as necessary. The second phase
will be to work with a network of monitors and develop population assessment
tools. The project leader will be expected to maintain contact with and
coordinate with agencies working in the area and to be available to
occasionally give public presentations. The project leader must be
self-directed, able to take initiative and able to work as part of a team.
The project leader must keep the success of the project a high priority and
will be encouraged to develop innovative, original research and publish.


Salary is dependent on experience. Work will begin in October. We hope to
have selected someone by September. Please send a cover letter detailing
experience relevant to this position and a resume to aileen at pacificbio.org.


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